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Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Johannes Thome

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Dr. med. Frank Faltraco

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Psychiatric University Hospital including tertiary referral centres (e.g. specialist outpatient clinic for adult patients with ADHD) with several research units including the Laboratory of Molecular Psychiatry. Thus, our organisation is ideally placed to bothrecruit study participants as well as analyse patient samples and generate/evaluate data.
A typical feature of ADHD and many other psychiatric (as well as somatic) disorders are profound sleep disturbances and significant alterations of the circadian system. However, the possibility of sleep and circadian rhythmicity representing a mediating factor between ADHD and its comorbidities has not systematically been investigated on an epidemiological level, despite its potential of considerably improving treatment outcomes and, thus, quality of life of a large number of patients suffering from complex psycho-somatic conditions. Therefore, in CoCA we aim at (i) assessing the role of circadian parameters on a behavioural, endocrinological, and molecular level; (ii) analysing the circadian preference, night-time sleep behaviour and sleep quality in index and control populations; (iii) identifying systemic, cellular and genetic variations correlates of circadian restoration in ADHD comorbid patients; (iv) assessing the predictive power by polygenic score analysis of polymorphisms in molecular clock genes in ADHD comorbid patients.
Within our group, there is a special interest in circadian rhythmicity in adult ADHD patients and all necessary procedures (e.g., chronotherapy via light exposure or other measures, actimetry, CLOCK-gene RNA quantification etc.) are well established.