The CoCA consortium brings together a unique and highly multi- and interdisciplinary team that forms the key to success. The consortium comprises 17 partners from 8 European countries (Germany, Netherlands, UK, Estonia, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Denmark) and the US. The consortium members have a proven track record of successful collaborations, e.g. in the projects Aggressotype, MiND, MATRICS, and IMpACT, showing their strong commitment to work closely together in the achievement of project goals related to the aetiology and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders and trans-diagnostic traits.

The partners have expertise in child, adolescent and adult psychiatry and in-depth knowledge on clinical studies, exercise, the circadian system, experimental medicine, mobile health applications, public health interventions, data integration, statistics, bioinformatics, genetics, machine learning, and epidemiology.

    1. University Hospital of Frankfurt (GUF-PPP)
      Frankfurt/Main, Germany
    2. University Hospital of Frankfurt (GUF-CAPPP)
      Frankfurt/Main, Germany
    3. Radboud University Medical Center (RUMC)
      Nijmegen, Netherlands
    4. University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
      Groningen, Netherlands
    5. Karolinska Institute (KI)
      Stockholm, Sweden
    6. University of Barcelona (UB)
      Barcelona, Spain
    7. Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR-BCN)
      Barcelona, Spain
    8. University Medicine Rostock (UMR)
      Rostock, Germany
    9. King’s College London (KCL)
      London, UK
    10. University Hospital of Heidelberg (UKL-HD IMBI)
      Heidelberg, Germany
    11. University Hospital of Heidelberg (UKL-HD KKS)
      Heidelberg, Germany
    12. Tartu University (UT)
      Tartu, Estonia
    13. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
      Karlsruhe, Germany
    14. University of Granada (UGR)
      Granada, Spain
    15. University of Bergen (UiB)
      Bergen, Norway
    16. State University New York (SUNY)
      Syracuse, NY, USA
    17. Aarhus University (AU)
      Aarhus, Denmark
    18. HGC GesundheitsConsult (HGC)
      Düsseldorf, Germany
    19. concentris research management (concentris)
      Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany